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1. How to refill the tank?

The e-liquid filling methods vary in different tanks, and please refer to the specific user manual to fill with the e-liquid.

2. How to clean the tank?

Please refer to the user manual. 

3. How to store the device when not using it for a long time?

Please detach the kit and clean the tank thoroughly, then store the tank, coil, device, and battery separately. 

4. What should I do if the atomizer keeps leaking?

A. Please check whether the silicon o-ring seals well. If it doesn’t, reposition it or replace it with a new one. B. Please check whether the glass tube is well structured. If it is broken, replace it with a new one. C. Please check whether the filling port is well covered. If it isn’t, cover it. D. If the product is kept unused for a long time and its tank wasn’t cleaned thoroughly then, please clean the tank, replace the coil, and refill with e-liquid to try it again. E. If the solutions mentioned above still don’t work, please ask for after-sale service from the vape shop where you bought it.

5. What should I do if the atomizer is too hot?

A. Please stop vaping for while and don't vape too frequently. B. Please vape under the recommended power of the coil. C. Please turn up the airflow. D. Please refill with e-liquid in time and always keep it above the MIN level.