• WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
  • WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Vaping Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Rings ( Pictures Tutorial)


Tips 1: How to blow Traditional smoke rings

1. Partially inhale the smoke.  The smoke should stop not only in the mouth but also in the throat. This needs to be adjusted and may result in coughing.

How to Blow Smoke Rings

2. Curl your tongue towards your throat. Close your mouth and curl your tongue as close to the back of your mouth as possible so that the smoke is expelled from your lips.

3. By making your mouth in the shape of an 'O'. At the same time, 'tap' your lips upwards in the shape of an 'O' (as in a 'woof' sound). The size of your mouth depends on how comfortable you are. Please leave a little space between your lips so that it is not too tight. At this point, other people will think you are funny without knowing what you are trying to do.

4. Exhaling a small amount of smoke. How does it happen? The throat closes, and the air is expelled, so it is like choking and then making a sound. The vocal cords are not used here because of the pressure, and the smoke is expelled quickly. If there is a difference with choking, it is that here the sound coming out of the throat is relatively weak. 

  • Try not to breathe, keep your jaw still and try to push a small amount of air out of your throat. Once you have mastered this technique, the smoke ring will become easier to perform. 
  • l When pushing a small amount of air out of the mouth, do not change the shape of your mouth. 
  • l Now, the most difficult part of making a smoke ring is coming. Ensure that your tongue is at the deepest part of your mouth and that there is enough smoke in your mouth to form a smoke ring and then exhale the smoke completely.


Tips 2: How to increase the rotation and speed of the smoke ring

1. Once you have mastered the basic technique, try exhaling a spiral ring of smoke. When the smoke is about to leave your lips, stick your tongue out in front of you, but always keep the tip of your tongue pointing downwards. If the tip of your tongue is higher than your teeth, it will affect the smoke ring. Think of your tongue as a springboard. 

  • At the same time, raise your chin and press your lips inwards, lightly and quickly. 
  • This will create a "spiral" effect in the smoke ring and prevent it from dispersing, forming an excellent density of smoke rings.

2. Pushing the tongue forward quickly and at the same time, extending the jaw forward quickly will help the smoke ring to travel faster and further. These two movements are the final actions to push the "O" ring out of the mouth. The difference between this technique and the rotary smoke ring technique is that the chin is moved forward, whereas, in the rotary technique, the chin is moved upwards.

  • The tip of the tongue is placed against the lower front teeth' gums, and only the middle part of the tongue is used to push out.
  • The most difficult part of the smoke ring technique is the movement of the jaw. 
  • This technique takes a lot of practice, but once you have mastered it, you will be a master of the smoke ring and will be able to make the smoke ring look as if it won't stop without being disturbed.

3. The lips are used to influence the distance the smoke ring moves. If the lips are squeezed quickly when closing or opening the glottis, the smoke ring will move quickly.

  •  If you tighten your lips more, the smoke ring will move faster and further. 
  •  However, don't squeeze too hard or too fast. Time control is crucial. If you go too fast, the smoke ring will be much smaller than expected.


Tips 3: A quick method for beginners to blow a smoke ring

1. Lightly tap your cheek when you try to blow a smoke ring. Some people think this is "cheating", but it is an easy and effective way to blow a small smoke ring without having to master the technique of using your throat.

  • Gather the smoke into your mouth but do not suck the air in. 
  • Make a small "O" shape with your lips. Slowly blow out the smoke using your tongue and mouth while continuing to touch or tap your cheek slightly. Each time you tap your cheek, a mini-ring of smoke will come out. 
  • You can tap it continuously or twice at regular intervals.

2. Try to push the smoke ring out with your tongue. In fact, there is no need to "exhale" at all as you can push the smoke ring out of your mouth with just your tongue. 

  • Roll your tongue towards your throat and place the tip of your tongue at the back of your mouth so that it forms an inverted "U" shape. 
  • Use the flat side of your tongue to push the smoke out of your mouth quickly. This action is completed by sliding the tongue's tip to the back of the mouth, maintaining the integrity of the inverted "U" shape. 
  • The smoke ring produced in this way is relatively small and lasts only a short time, but it is very easy to achieve.



Tips 4: Find a suitable place to practice

1. If there are many people walking around, it isn't easy to form a smoke ring because of the wind and the airflow they make. In these cases, it is more effective to find a more suitable place in the room.

  • Practice in front of a mirror. You can see the shape of the smoke, how it flows and how your mouth affects them. To be able to blow a perfect smoke ring, you need to be patient. You can't do it all at once. To be perfect, you need to spend a lot of time practising effectively.
  • It is possible to exhale smoke rings outdoors, but you have to be careful of the wind, and it is not easy to exhale a perfect smoke ring. You can only achieve success by taking into account the physical direction of the smoke ring (vortex) and exhaling the smoke in the wind direction.


Tips 5: How to make a small ring pass through a large one

The direction and speed of the smoke ring flow is the key to make it a success. 

  • First, carefully exhale the smoke ring, keeping its shape and moving it slowly, then narrow your lips and exhale a smaller smoke ring. 
  • This smaller smoke ring should move more quickly. If it doesn't, lift your lips to make it move faster. This will help you to achieve your goal.
  • There is a simple way for a beginner to maintain the speed and accuracy of the smoke ring: instead of blowing air into the valve, move your chin forward. 
  • When you are blowing the smoke ring, make sure that the tongue is not in the way. This will break the rotation of the smoke ring. Keep your tongue at the back of your mouth and let it rest without straining. 
  • The speed of the smoke ring's movement depends on the force you use to slow down the 'Uh' sound. To do this, you need to use your diaphragm to push the smoke to the back of your throat, as if you were struggling to breathe or coughing.

Warning: Don't spit smoke rings on the face of a lady. It is very rude.



    In any case, you need to practice repeatedly. If you don't, it won't be so easy to blow the smoke ring. So, my friends who want to blow smoke rings and do more vaping tricks, hurry up and follow the tutorial in the picture above to practice; as long as you have strong perseverance to practice repeatedly, You can blow perfect smoke rings.